Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Let Aumtec Solutions create your product listings on

Sears has been one of the most prominent marketplaces globally. It has already attracted lakhs of customers and it is surely going to do well in coming years. If you are on online merchant, and not listed your products on sears, you may be losing millions of dollars. Once you start on sears, the most challenging part is how to create great product listings on Sears product listing. This is where will assist you and make your product listings attractive and Customer friendly. 

Our product entry experts at sears are well trained and skilled , have several years of experience in product database management in We help online merchants in listing their products on, creating attributes, writing unique and optimized product descriptions, writing meta titles, creating configurable products etc. We are a one stop solution for you if you are selling on sears as our team at will handle all your ecommerce tasks like product entry, product updation, image editing, content writing, SEO/SMO, back end order processing, inventory management etc. You simply can outsource the time consuming eCommerce tasks to us and you can focus on more important parts of your business.

We have dealt with more than 1000 online stores dealing in different products be it paintings, apparels, shoes, electronics, Car parts, automotive, furniture and many more. With our end to end offerings on product listing services for sears, we are a preferred choice of merchants globally for having a team for complete data management for their business.
With a free trial provided to our clients, and a dedicated team of persons for managing your catalog, we promise to provide best experience of outsourcing product dataentry services. For more information, you can email us to

Saturday, August 10, 2019

How to tackle the eCommerce Catalog Management challenges?

eCommerce Catalog Management

If you are an eCommerce store owner working on any platform, you would have noticed that, eCommerce Catalog management task, i.e. maintaining and managing your product catalog is quite a tedious task and necessary too. With more than thousands of SKUs to be put across various sales channels and marketplaces, you need to continuously update and manage the product data efficiently. But as the product database increases, the work of managing the database become complex which might lead to data errors, resulting in loss of revenue.

Here is a list of the challenges faced by sellers in setting up their product catalogs:

Updating Products Constantly

Sometimes the nature of business products demand that the SKU’s are updated continuously which is challenging and you must find a good team to do this task at affordable prices. Doing it yourself might lead to product mismanagement and increase your workload as well. Second, if you hire a person at your premises, it gives you high infrastructure cost and hiring cost. This is where you can outsource this task and save your costs and earn more profit.

Selling Across Multiple Channels

Most entrepreneurs these days wish to sell their products through multiple channels (eCommerce giants like Amazon, Sears,, etc.), listing and managing your products on all the platforms can be an uphill task.
You need to strictly adhere to the specific guidelines of each eCommerce platform while listing your products. Amazon’s product categories differ from eBay, and the same is true for other marketplaces as well. How you list your products on one store may vary from the way you list them on your store or other carts. This sometimes lead to incorrect product categorization and limited product information on the store.
Therefore, outsourcing product listings would save your time and resources and allow you to focus on core business operations like marketing, customer support, and sales etc. You will also get best work by industry experts and you will save your cost as well.

Dealing With Supplier Data
Often, the suppliers don’t standardize the product information the same way as done by merchants or as required for listing the products. (for example, if you spell color green as ‘GRN’, they might use ‘gn’) Thus, it may take weeks for some companies to categorize the data properly.
Expanding Product Catalog & Maintaining Consistency
An unorganized product catalog makes it almost impossible to accommodate more SKUs, thus affecting your online business growth. Moreover, if you don’t have the tools required to update your product data, you’ll have to do the mass changes manually, eventually leading to errors.  And, unhappy customers (as they’ll have inaccurate information) cannot help your business.
How To Tackle These Challenges?
Many sellers, don’t have a system for managing their product catalogs rather they face the same problem – spreadsheets being handed over from a desk-to-another in various departments. With online products on your eCommerce platforms, and brick-and-mortar product data living in Excel or a POS system, companies often lack in making a streamlined process of updating and maintaining their product catalogs online. Thus, searching and updating products across multiple channels becomes an issue for them.
An organized, and well informed product catalog, where every detail of product is appealing and visible to the visitors, provides buyers with the right insight they need to make informed buying choices. Aumtec Solutions provide seamlessly processing of product catalog through its fast, accurate, cost-effective eCommerce product data entry services to online merchants across the globe so that the sellers can shift their focus to other area of business.
For More Information
If you feel that your product catalog needs to managed, updated or optimized, please drop us a mail at .

Friday, August 2, 2019

How to optimize eBay product listings

eBay is one of the most prominent marketplaces internationally and sellers flock towards to for some obvious advantages it provides over others. If you are selling on eBay, you would have noticed that the most cumbersome task is to manage the product catalog, orders, optimizing the listings, and managing the online orders and eBay product listing optimization. The best way is to outsource these services and focus on your core aspect of sales. 

Aumtec Solutions will help you with labor intensive jobs like entering products into your online eBay store and entering all the relevant details to optimize your product listings. We do make the choice of keywords, and their positioning in the eBay listings and ensure that they make a remarkable impact on the visibility of your products on eBay searches.

The experts at Aumtec solutions precisely know how to make optimized listings and they do required research and take help of essential tools to provide best services to the client. For optimizing its, not only about entering the details but attention is to be given on right image, description. keying in the keywords which are important for search terms, adding relevant titles etc. The team at Aumtec is expert at all this and we had helped more than 250 eBay owners worldwide in increasing their sales on eBay. We have worked for various kinds of products including toys, health, electronics, automotive, car parts  and many more. We are confident that we have worked on your niche as well.

If you are thinking of increasing your sales globally via eBay platform, Aumtec will be your perfect outsourcing partner to help you with adding and optimizing your product catalog. Fore trying our free sample and getting more info, you can mail us at