Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Remote Data Entry Services for your Business

Remote Data Entry Services

Remote data entry services are now widely used by businesses, and these services are typically delivered with the necessary standards and requirements by outsourcing companies. When all is becoming digital, business organizations need to accurately and organizedly manage their important and essential data to retain their competitiveness on the global marketplace. We typically entrust their non-core, routine, and other support activities to BPO companies who can provide online documentation services that are accessible, secure, and trustworthy.

Useful for potential business applications

Remote Online data entry systems have become incredibly useful in all areas where the data needs to be stored, managed and used for potential applications. Several businesses have already worked with business process outsourcing firms to provide an outstanding data processing system in their facilities. By combining state-of - the-art technology, innovative processes and highly qualified data entry professionals, these companies provide accurate, efficient and effective data entry services. Via a safe online portal, they offer their services. The final outputs are provided in encrypted FTP upload, or email.

Outsourcing companies specializing in remote online data entry services deliver a wide variety of services, customized to each client's specific needs. Some of them are mentioned below:

·    Data entry from handwritten or printed materials like books, newspapers, magazines
·       Business card and Catalog documentation
·       emagazines and E-books
·       Data entry from insurance claims and property tax records
·       Online yellow pages listing
·       For website content
·       Data collection/capture
·       Online form submission and processing
·       For mailing list/mailing label
·       Email mining
·       Typing manuscript into MS Word
·       Online copy, paste, edit, sort, and index of data
·       Online legal and medical data entry
·       Data entry related to  historical data

Outsourcing the documentation function to a BPO company is a feasible and cost effective alternative. Tedious and time-consuming activities can be omitted from your daily schedule. As data entry services grow in accordance with the giant technological advances, the business can also use those services and stay competitive in the market. You can also reduce costs, increase efficiency and put greater focus on core and revenue generating functions.

         Widen the reach of your product globally

Professional Remote Data Entry Services, including all retrieval and conversion services, include database data entry services for your website also. The qualified and trained professionals take the product catalogs hard copies, and then add the correct and appropriate details to the online catalogue. After that the products are put in the correct classes / subclasses and the products are eventually displayed on the website.

Image Data Entry Services at Aumtec Solutions

What is Image Data Entry?
Image Data Entry Services 

When we convert thousands of scanned images into a specified electronic format, then it is known as  image data entry. An entry of image data requires both time and money. It's also a very time taking job.
In India, there are many outsourcing companies which offer services for image data entry. Yet when it comes to efficient, low price and pricing, you can consider  Aumtec Solutions, a company that is one of the world's leading data entry services companies.
Outsourcing is a successful choice for both online and offline image data services. If you have a big or small project size,  Aumtec Solutions  is very well equipped with skilled resources and advanced tools for professional management of your company. Our qualified professionals are expert at collecting data in a given time from scanned images. Our Services include 

  • Image to Database
  • Catalogue Data Entry
  • Image to Spreadsheet
  • Book Data Entry Services
  • Hand Written Card Entry
  • Extracting Data from Images
  • Data Capture from Image
  • Image Indexing
  • Data Capture from Image
  • Data Entry from Handwritten Documents
  • Directories and Booklets Data Entry

Teaming up with the image data entry team at Aumtec Solutions enables businesses of all sizes to solve challenges such as these in below specific situations :

  • Process of image data entry is time consuming and involves attention to detail.
  • It’s difficult to access high quality image data entry services.
  • Images contain essential data that should be routinely collected and analysed.
  • Recurring tasks of entering image data can include hiring new employees.
      Our team of multilingual image data entry specialists will help you streamline the process when you shift all of your tasks to Aumtec Solutions.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Product upload services: Why are these required?

Product upload services, eCommerce listing service

Product upload services are one of the most challenging tasks faced by online retailers. It's challenging not because it is tough rather it is time-consuming and has to be dealt with. A well designed and properly populated product database is the cornerstone of a successful and growing eCommerce business.

What is product upload services?

Product upload services primarily mean to upload all the products with their relevant detail on to the eCommerce store. But literally, it is a more complex term than this. There is a difference between product upload and quality product upload. When we talk about quality product upload services, it takes into consideration, meticulously entering the product details, keying in all attributes and also writing unique and crisp product descriptions along with keeping competitive prices. All of this requires research and precision along with time.

Most retailers have a hell of tasks to accomplish and they hardly get time to manage their e-stores. That's where they can avail the product upload services from a third party. That way they can track the daily progress and also it saves their time.

Outsourcing your product data entry task to experts sitting at a remote location not only saves you time but also saves you a lot of money in terms of infrastructure costs. Second, you get quality work at a reasonable price. Outsourcing services help you to handle small as well as large product data entry tasks, which are otherwise very hard to manage.

What is included in product upload services :

Catalog processing :

You might be having nightmares in turning your paper catalog into the digital ones as it requires a lot of effort. This includes scanning and taking the information correctly and populating your database with the information. Also, it means entering SEO optimized keywords to make it relevant for search terms. If you outsource the catalog processing, all these can be taken care of by the third party and you can simply focus on core business.

Entering metadata : 

It involves entering metadata, description, title, in order to rank it on various searches.

Product categorization : 

The product needs to be categorized accurately and this forms the basis of customer search and this has no scope of errors and therefore outsourcing will ensure that you get error-free product categorization.

Product descriptions: 

Writing unique and quality descriptions are very important for product upload services. This will again ensure a smooth road for you during online searches as search engines prefer unique content and penalize the copied ones.

Image processing : 

This is an important part of the work. You need to edit, crop, resize and retouch the images before uploading them. All this has to be done in accordance with the rules and keeping the visitors in mind.

Shopping platforms like Amazon, Walmart and eBay have millions of customers and hence as a retailer, you must know the importance of listing your products on these. Once your products get uploaded on Amazon and eBay, you have a great chance to increase your sales success. Therefore, apart from your eCommerce store, you can upload your products on these marketplaces as these would give better sales opportunities to you.

It is also important to understand the challenges in uploading products on eBay and Amazon.

What is Amazon data entry services?

Amazon data entry services are of sublime importance if you want to sell your products on amazon. Amazon is the most used marketplace globally and it is very important to adhere to the rules of amazon while availing amazon product upload services. While maintaining your product pages on Amazon, you need to ensure that your product is categorized correctly and its attributes are entered meticulously. Moreover, the product images should be in a white background and should be appealing to the visitors. The last point is to maintain a competitive price. Outsourcing Amazon marketplace management service helps online retailers to launch and manage their products on Amazon in the most reasonable way and gain profit.

What is E bay data entry services?

eBay is the second most used marketplace after amazon and it has a huge market base. eBay data entry services are less challenging compared to Amazon yet it needs experts to help to place your products on eBay and optimize your eBay pages to sell more. Again, you can avail the best services by outsourcing eBay product listing services to the best companies and this will help you directly get started with selling products on eBay and making money.

For hiring an expert for complete product upload services and marketplace management services, write to us at Aumtec Solutions have helped 100+ global clients in maintaining their online store over a few years.